Heat Up Your Evening With A Couples Night In!


Group Of Friends Enjoying Drinks Party At Home
Couples or Coed Romance Parties are Always FUN!

It’s getting warmer out and everyone will be coming out of hibernation and looking to enjoy the weather. With warm weather comes LADIES NIGHT!!!

Why not get your girls together and have a theme party? What type of theme? Well, if you have an imagination, it will come!

There’s always the traditional sex toy party with toys, lotions, potions and games, but why not make it even more enjoyable and add a twist? Most toy parties only include women, what about adding MEN to the mix? This type of party of course is not for the faint of heart, but sometimes men have the same concerns and could learn a thing or two about the products and how to use them. Let’s not mention the obvious, men, toys and sex can equal FUN!  Many ladies enjoy bringing their other half to sample new items and get new ideas about what to take home to steam up the bedroom. Think about it, sex toys are not just for women anymore.

Many couples are bored with their current sex lives and sometimes want to want to relive their sexual past. This is especially true if the sex has become routine. Routine sex sucks the fun out of what should be one of the most enjoyable activities. The fun and spontaneity is gone, making the sex boring and frustrating. Once sex becomes a task, it’s time to spice up the bedroom and beyond. Luckily a sex toy, theme, romance or seduction patty is available to save the day and your sex life!

Before introducing your other half to a co ed sex toy party,  it’s important that you follow certain guidelines, so that you can gain the utmost pleasure and fun from the experience. Maybe you should attend some parties by yourself at first. You also should know your hostess. If you or your man is uncomfortable discussing sex or being somewhat open about your sexual needs and wants in a group, you may want to go over what you’re looking for and your expectations to make sure the guests and person planning the party fits your lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, some men are intimidated by adult products and the thought of a vibrator or handcuffs may cause him to withdraw.

Here’s where you become your man’s teacher. Show him how the toys can be used as an addition to your sex play, and clarify that you are not looking to replace or compare the toys to the real thing. Make it clear that you love what he’s working with and how the toys can add more heat to a spicy sexual adventure.

Begin with some lotions to suck and lick off his body, and of course, don’t forget to make sure you have some for him to add when exploring yours. You might want to add a bullet or vibrator to the mix. These can be used both inside and outside of the vagina, outside of the lips and under the chin when indulging him in oral, or if you’re a little more adventurous, anally. Another item men love and that is made specifically for him, is a cock ring. Find one with different speeds that he can use both with and with out you. Men usually are pleasantly surprised that many of the adult toy items are not only for the woman, but just for him.

Whatever you decide to purchase as a couple, share ideas of how to use the toys and other items. Make sure both of you are extremely comfortable with whatever you purchase, because the intent is to get lots of use out of everything you buy.

Whatever you decide go purchase, don’t forget the lubricants, condoms and toy cleaners. You want to get your money’s worth and be able to have the time of your lives, while playing safely. Intome



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